Advantage DeepLearningTrack

One of the common questions we get is - "Why can we not learn data science in platforms like Coursera or youtube?"

Both of them are possible. However, the above statement misses out the evaluation of the return obtained on invested time.

RoI on time is critical - especially in data science field, as one is better off joining data science industry sooner than later and hence learn data science faster than others.

We have put in hundreds of hours of our time to:

  • Organize the content so that our students dont have to put in time searching for material

  • Make the concepts as simple & clear as possible in the pre-read hand-outs that we share with our students - so that they dont have to search multiple websites to have the concepts cleared

  • Explain data science through multiple case studies so that they can quickly understand the industry ways of working

  • Mentor office hours to clarify any questions our students might have

  • Guide our students in solving a project of their own

With all the above, our students are in a better position to learn data science faster than others - thereby a higher return on time invested.

~ Happy learning

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