Launching Deeplearningtrack

Deeplearningtrack is an online training platform built to help our students to gain not only an intuitive understanding of techniques related to all things data — Data science, Big Data & Deep learning - but also to apply them in real world.

We achieve the above, by connecting our students to some of the top professionals in industry - who have rich experience in their field. Our current mentor list includes:

Jahnavi - who lead multiple machine learning teams in American Express over the last 15 years

Kishore - helped build multiple analytical work streams in supply chain teams in Amazon

Prakash - has a double PhD in engineering and been consulting across industries

Manu - is the founder of a data science consulting company working across industries

Apart from being mentored by some of the best, students benefit from our unique way of teaching:

Ever wondered about how it would be to replicate the most complex data science algorithms in excel before implementing them in a typical statistical software used in industry?

It is made possible only because of the hundreds of hours we spent in creating our content - which includes pre-read handouts for all classes, PPTs, excel versions of all data science/ machine learning algorithms.

Along with the above, case studies complete our approach towards teaching. Depending on the course, our students are walked through 10-15 case studies in the class itself. Moreover, to encourage them to think as a practitioner, the case studies that were given as assignment in previous class would be walked through in next class so that our students learn the mentor's way of solving problems.

With this, we are ready & are excited to share the wealth of knowledge and help our students grow further.

For further information, you can Contact Us

~ Happy Learning

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