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A School for deeper learning

What is the motivation to start Deeplearningtrack?

We are a group of industry practitioners who have been in the field of data science over the last 10 years. We believe that there is a lot to bridge between theory & practice within this field and hence we designed this course in such a way that our students understand how various techniques are applied across industries through our extensive case study based approach.

Also, while many courses teach the algorithms as a black-box, we uncover it by walking our students through on how to build machine learning algorithms using excel sheet - thus preparing them to face any kind of interviews in data science.

What will I learn in the data science program?

The courses follow a hands-on, case study based approach that helps participants to solve data science problems. Students learn the concepts through getting their hands dirty with programming and manipulating real-world data. Theoretical algorithms are simplified using excel sheet demos. Focus is on learning from first principles and practical applications.

What previous experiences do I need to have?

More than experience, you need to have enthusiasm to learn & invest time in learning. We are looking for people with some understanding of linear algebra. We expect a basic working knowledge of at least one programming language, as the courses will involve a lot of hands-on data programming.

What can I expect by the end of this program?

By the end of the program you can be expected to have a solid grasp on a breadth of machine learning and statistical theory. You’ll have built data science applications and will know enough to be a successful data scientist in industry. 

Is the Data Science program for me?

You can be from any background to enrol for the course. The only requirement is a basic understanding of linear algebra and a basic working knowledge of any programming language. And ofcourse a genuine interest in the area of data science and its application. This course is meant to give you a solid headstart into the world of data science by giving you the necessary tools and conceptual clarity. As such this course is not meant for somebody who is looking for an advanced theoretical understanding of concepts and algorithms

What is the program commitment?

The course program is for 8 weeks. Course includes 3 hours of live online training on every weekend (to accommodate for working professionals). Apart from that, there are assignments that would require students to devote 8-10 hours every week.

What is the class size and teaching format of the course?

Class sizes are small (15 students per batch) designed to ensure interaction between instructor & students. There will be two instructors per course teaching different topics. There will also be visiting industry experts sharing case-studies and examples. 

Format of the course will be mostly practical training while working on real data-sets and theory will be explained through examples. Apart from classroom training there will be weekly assignments and a final project. The assignments and projects will be mainly on Kaggle competitions and data-sets.

Classroom trainings will be live online on Webex. These sessions will be interactive. Additionally, any support, queries related to assignments and otherwise will be provided through a discussion platform in Piazza - details of which will be provided at the beginning of the course.


What are the admissions criteria?

We are looking for people who are keen to learn & progress in their career so that our industry experts can guide them in the best possible way. Once applied, your application will be reviewed based on fitment and seat availability. Selected candidates will be informed within 1 week.


What is the laptop and other requirement for this course?

Students are required to work on their own laptops. Certain softwares will be required to install - the list and installation instructions will be provided at the start of the course. 

If I miss a class, how can I get the material taught? Also how and in what format, assignment and other support will be provided during the course?

There will also be a discussion forum for students to interact with each other and the instructors. This forum will be a platform for students to ask questions, clarify doubts related to the assignments and projects. The platform will be on Piazza and the details will be provided at the beginning of the course. All course material will be uploaded on Piazza after every week of the course

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