A School for deeper learning

Industry relevant curriculum

Designed by experienced data scientists to cater to the current demands in the industry:

✔︎ Be taught by industry experts who have interviewed hundreds of candidates in their career & understand what is needed for the industry

✔︎ Learn exactly what is needed to get to work as a data scientist

✔︎ "Practice" with real world data/ industry cases

Experiential Learning



As practicing data scientists, we understand that one can learn data science only by doing

✔︎ Every data science concept is explained through a case study

✔︎ Focus on practical learning through assignments and classroom discussions

✔︎ Learn to compete in data science competitions like Kaggle

Full Coursework support

We have put in hundreds of hours of effort - so that your time taken to learn is minimized:

✔︎ Demystify data science algorithms by implementing them in excel

✔︎ Complete course material will be provided including pre-read handouts, software codes, algorithm excel sheets

✔︎ Class sizes designed to be small for interactive learning

✔︎ Dedicated platform for discussion forums and learning