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A School for deeper learning

We started Deeplearningtrack to bridge the gap between industry demand & candidate abilities.

We achieve this by:

  • Trainers from companies like AmericanExpress, Amazon with ~10 years of experience in data science

  • Best in class content that teaches the most complex concepts in a simple manner

  • Teaching using 15 case studies so that our students appreciate how to apply data science better & also to draw maximum from our instructors' experience

  • Quicken the process of learning data science to 8 weeks while making sure that no concept is missed out - as we have already put in hundreds of hours in preparing course material, pre-read handouts & software codes

About Team:

We are a group of analytics and data-science professionals with many years of diverse experience with organizations like American Express, Amazon & niche startups:

Jahnavi Mahanta has 15 years of experience in analytics and strategy mostly with American Express in the credit card domain. She has been a core member of AmEx Gurgaon office, where she helped transform AmEx Risk Management in the Machine Learning age. She has a breadth of experience in leading teams towards solving complex & new problems by leveraging the advances in data science & related technologies. She holds Masters degree from Ohio State University in Economics. 

Manu Chandra 

Manu has over 15 years of experience in Analytics and consulting working with leading global organizations like American Express, Accenture  in the areas of Fraud Management, Credit risk and Customer analytics. He has been solving business problems using analytics and data science and has worked with clients across geographies and industries - Retail banking, Wealth Management, Telecom, Entertainment, Micro Finance Institutions and others. Manu has also been providing data science training to corporates and consulting firms. He has trained  2000+ professionals, over the years, in areas of machine learning and data programming including newer languages like like Scala and Spark.

Manu holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from MDI Gurgaon and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from IIT Delhi. Manu is the co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at MathLogic, an analytics/data science consulting and training firm.

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